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Monday, August 13, 2012

Easy Stromboli

Easy Stromboli and salad
After taking a much longer than expected break from this blog I am back.  Well...we are back.  To kick off the relaunch of this blog my 8 year old daughter, Marlee, made dinner all by herself (for the first time) tonight.  All I did was "supervise".

We had decided a few weeks ago we were going to do this so we had a recipe all picked out and had the ingredients on hand.

Easy Stromboli,, was our inspiration.  We followed the instructions of the recipe to a T but we modified the ingredients.  Since my girls don't like pepperoni we used bacon pieces.  We keep plenty, and I mean plenty of bacon pieces on hand.  We buy it from Sam's Club ( We also used sliced mozzarella cheese and a bit more sauce than what it called for.  And that was it...20 minutes later ooey gooey goodness with some parmesan cheese (yeah...the stuff in the can...don't judge) sprinkled on top. This served all 4 of us perfectly.

Marlee turned on the oven, put it in the oven, turned on the timer, checked on it and took it out, all by herself.  I am sooo very proud of her.  Next time she says we are doing dessert with "secret ingredients".

Marlee says:
Hi, it's Marlee. I had so much fun making this and I HOPE I can be on the blog more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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