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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1/11/12 - Chicken fajita tacos and bean & cheese nachos

Sure glad I like these green plates.
Tonight was another quick and easy meal.  The menu came together because we still had some crock pot beans from last week in the fridge.  Harper loves chalupas and bean & cheese nachos something fierce so I knew she would be happy.  Marlee loves chicken fajita tacos and avocado.  I knew I wouldn't have to face food rejection tonight.  It was a bad "Mommy" day so I'm glad something went right.

I couldn't find the fajita seasoning I like in our pantry (which is getting cleaned out tomorrow) so I just used salt, pepper and a little garlic salt.  Pan cooked the chicken till it was nice and golden and put them aside to "rest".  Since they were defrosted chicken breast tenders they didn't take long.  Maybe about 4 minutes be side.  With the nice caramelization left in the pan I sauteed some mushrooms and onions that needed to be used.

For the beans I just heated them up and used my immersion blender to make them smooth.  Then I just smeared tortilla chips with the beans and added a little Monterrey jack and cheddar cheese on top.  45 seconds in the microwave and bam!

Lettuce, tomatoes, smashed avocado, left over tomatillo sauce from Sunday, the remnants of some sliced pickled jalapenos, cream cheese substituted for sour cream since we have run out and dinner was served.

It was good and this is one of weekly meals.  Everyone liked it and was satisfied.  While I don't know the calorie count this was surely better than taking a trip to The Palm, like we wanted.  No fuss which was not the norm for this evening.  Total cook time, about 20 minutes.

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